Monday, January 4, 2010

No FaceBook and No MySpace Makes Brad a Dull Boy

Grr.  They have blocked access to FaceBook, MySpace, & YouTube at work.  Grr, I say.  I mean, I do get it; this is a business meant for business type things to be done on the computer, not blurb about what you just had for breakfast (which is apparently the default), what song is playing on your media player right now and what it takes you back to, what your co-worker just did/said that really bothers/irritates/boggles you, or other random day to day thoughts that pop into your mind.  I get it, I do... it's just that some would see it as a very nice and convenient release valve for the stress-steam of the daily grind.  I know I have felt better after I take a break from work to share with the WWW (that's World Wide Web, not anything to do with the WWE or other wrestling affiliation, in case ya forgot).  Since I do not feel the jittery pull of nicotine withdrawal and I hardly have time to leave my desk, I like to take my fifteen minute on-the-clock breaks doing what I do best: the internet!  I surf, read, watch, play, and share.  That is my little escape from my cubicle and my main outlet to the real world.  It may just be a measly fifteen minutes, but it's my fifteen minutes.  Now, granted, I do like to pop on for more than just my breaks, but I am usually waiting for things to finish running on the computer so I can move on to the next step.  I mean, the smokers don't just take two fifteen minute smoke breaks and that's it; they take several while they wait for their shit to run as well!  Okay, not trying to bash the smokers or even compare, just got a little sidetracked in defending my multiple internet browsing discrepancies throughout the day, so I apologize to all smokers if that came across as offensive.  :-P  I also get the fact that some of these sites suck the hell out of the bandwidth and it makes the rest of us run really reeeeeaaaalllly slooooowwwwww.  I still have access to Twitter, which is really all I use to update my status anyway, but I will miss posting on FaceBook random LOLs, groovy videos, and rad articles that I stumble across.  I'm sure that Twitter's time will be coming soon to be banished from the world of Trintech as well.  I'll still be able to post from my mobile phone.  If they block my phone, I'm gonna freak the eff out 'cause that would be some high tech big brother shit!  O_O

Oh well, I still have you, my murky little bloggy-poo.  ^_^

P.S.  Been watching a crap-ton of movies lately.  How much is a crap-ton, you say?  Oh, about a few farts shy of a shit-ton.  I'll post a blog about the recent flicks I've seen and share my opinion with ya.  Until then, watch your back!  Someone could block your internet or room or fridge or car or house or city or even the whole world!  Enjoy it all while ya can!  ^_-

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