Monday, January 11, 2010

Xena and Beer and Pills, Oh My!

So, people have asked me "What is your blog about? What is it for? What's the purpose?" Actually, no they haven't, but I can imagine that some people look at it and wonder, "What the fuck is this shit?" Well, it's me. It's my very own place to put down random thoughts or updates in my life, sorta like a diary, except it's up for public view. I also utilize it as a way to exercise my writing. Granted, it's not high caliber stuff that I am writing about or even captivating topics. I'm not even using a certain writing style that would seem unique or stand out in any way. Just plain ol' words plopped down on a ordinary web blog about an ordinary boy and his ordinary life. If you enjoy that sort of thing, then please feel free to read on! I write for myself first, and then the people. So, I guess to answer those first questions that I posed by the imaginary people in my head, "It's for me."

Now, on to my latest update. Xena. Watched about a season's worth of episodes this weekend. I was feeling spectacularly lazy this particular weekend for some reason. Clean laundry still laying in the basket waiting to be put away. Dirty dishes in the sink creating a funk to match the one that I was in. I just wasn't motivated at all. Plus the beer didn't help at all, but it made the episodes so much more fun! Then I started to break out into hives really bad. Some of you may know this about me, but if you are just tuning in, I'll explain: I break out in hives. Randomly. Without warning. I don't know why. It all started about seven or eight years ago. First my face gets kinda warm and tingly, then itchy, then bumpy, like I was just attacked my mosquitoes. There is no trigger. I have tried to change my diet, my laundry detergent, my soaps and shampoos, everything. Nothing seems to work. I could just be sitting around drinking water and then BAM, braille-face. Luckily it doesn't last very long, maybe about five to thirty minutes, but those five to thirty minutes are super long due to the intense itching. If I scratch, they get worse, so I have to discipline myself. I have found one thing that works, though. Benadryl. Usually I can take one or two and that keeps them at bay for a few days. This weekend, I must've forgot to take some because they whelped up with a vengeance. It looked like I had tumors all over my face. So, I had to take some. With my beer. While watching Xena. Yeah, it didn't end well. The last thing that I remember was watching episode thirteen from season one, which was a clip episode. On a side note, who the hell makes a clip-show in the middle of the first season?! Really?! Anyhoo, Steph, the roomie, was at work during the day. When she gets out of work and comes home, she calls me and I have to toss down the little electronic key from the balcony that lets her in the apartment building. She called. I did not hear. She called about fifteen times. I was out. Luckily someone was nice enough to let her in the building. I woke up around midnight, TV still on, my bedroom door closed, and sounds coming from the living room. "Oh shit", I thought, "I didn't let Steph in!" I apologized out the ass and she giggled it off. I felt like such and ass... and a drunk... and a dope head.

That was the most exciting thing about my weekend. Was there a point to all of this. No, not really. Just wanted to share with whoever is reading. ^_^


  1. Candice Nicole MustinJanuary 12, 2010 at 3:04 AM

    Sounds like a great weekend! I spent mine recently unhomelessed, or something like that, however you would describe having been able to return home after beeing homeless for a period of time. I'm tellin u, we could make some $ if u would write me a book. U should hear about the night I spent hiding in the alley behind my moms with a handfull of pills ready to off myself to avoid capture by whatever was(or was not)out to get me. Oh yeah, it was like 20 degrees outside that night....

  2. @Candice Damn! You should write an outline of your life and maybe we could whip up a screenplay and sell it for big bucks! :-P You'd prolly have to exaggerate some just to make it a hit movie, though. We'd have to make you a transforming blue alien android hermaphrodite who is her own mother from the future that was a slave but broke free of the tyranny to go home again and find it burnt down by the oppressive master robots from a parallel dimension that have daddy issues so they take it out on your species. Oh, and you have an incredibly annoying sidekick that everyone despises yet has a heart of gold and comes through at the very end with their self sacrifice to the vampires to end the war with the werewolves.

    Sounds like a hit to me! ^_^