Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Hey, Sport, how're they hangin'?"

Passing co-worker: "What's going on?"

Brad on his way back to his desk after leaving the bathroom:
*thinks to himself*
"Well, I just urinated; it was a bright yellow color; then I washed my hands, which I don't see many people do so could you please follow my lead on that? Now, I am heading back to my desk to do more work when I was interrupted by your inane social dribble that has way too vague of a context to answer, so I'm telling you everything."

*in actuality* 
"Not much."

*keeps walking*

I just don't get the need to say something, ANYTHING, to people that you pass by, Next time I'm just gonna blurt out "Porkchop!" and see what the results are. Would not be surprised if the response is the automated "Not much."

Am I just lacking that human necessity to make a daily connection with anyone, no matter how small, fleeting, or trivial it may be?  Can't wrap my lobes around it...


  1. Oh, Brad.. even before I finished reading this, I thought to myself that "how's it goin'" is not appropriate passer-by conversation. Passer-by convo, if any, should be limited to different variations and high pitches of "hey!" But NOT "whaaaaaaat's happenin'?"

    Thanks so much for the laughter that I blurted out. Feel sorry for me and my fetus. EVERYONE wants to talk to me about how I'm feeling, how I look, what I need to avoid, asking when I'm due, what I'm having, why I'm having it.. and it's always that same 3 people... always...