Friday, April 29, 2011

Fun Fabulous Flatulent Friday! ^_^

Brad: omg, my tummy is talking to me... my few courses of Tummy Gurgle to English has it roughly translated to "Thank you for the delicious food! As a reward, please enjoy this noxious death gas. Have a nice nap!"
Stacy: lmao rotf.
Stacy: yeah, I fear mine is headed that way, too 
Stacy: hahahaha
Brad: Oh great, we're the Stank Siblings. >_<
Brad: Toot Twins
Brad: Fabulous Fart Force
Stacy: LMAO Oh... my ....god
Stacy: *laughing out loud, seriously, and hurting my abs since last night was an abs night at the gym*
Brad: LOL, the DooDoo Duo
Brad: ROFL!
Stacy: *leaned to the side and had to release a stinky ass demon* HA! take *that* Paula! 
Brad: OMG-LMFAO-BBQ!!!!!!!
Stacy:  I earned a touché for that one.
Stacy: *leans to the other side to let out it's twin brother* WHEW! I'm stinking myself out over here! 
Brad: I ain't touchin' THAT touché!
Brad: I can just hear Paula walking in there now... "*sniff* What died in here?" "Your dignity."
Stacy: "your teeth" 
Brad: "Your insides"
Stacy: "your cramping vagina" 
Brad: Ha! ^_^ "Your sobriety"
Stacy: "your chances of snagging a man"
Brad: LOL!!! "Your fashion sense."
Stacy: (pft she never had any to begin with)
Brad: "Bitch, let me tell you what DIDN'T die; that would be a shorter list."
Stacy: LMAO ROTF. TOUCHE! Brad, Touché. 
Brad: ^_^

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