Monday, April 4, 2011

Old Tinkerbell Blog

Sorry I have not been on in a long while.  Just kinda in a funk.  I am sure you have had those.  So to fill in the time, here is a throwback to one of my earlier, more awesome blogs.  Enjoy!  ^_^

Brad:  "Hey, Arielle, why don't you allow HTML code in your comments?"

Arielle:  "I dont allow HTML, because I don't like a bunch of videos taking up my entire page.  Also I hate those HTML flashing gif images that say stupid shit like "Have a great day" with a big picture of Tinkerbell riding a donkey or something."

You asked for this one, Kid:

Like you didn't see THAT coming.  :-P  I LOVE that she's riding all sidesaddle like a lady.  ^_^


  1. This one is cute right here. The horse seemed a little too serious don't you think so?How to draw Tinkerbell

  2. Nice template the horse is so attractive. Nice blg by the way!