Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Horn

The Horn 05-22-2012

Desire speaks my emotion
Flesh persuades the commotion
Lust filled wanting in the waiting
Fucking hot guys tease the baiting
Master the hand, leaves me wanting
Muster the brand, leaves me aching
For the taste upon my lips
For the movement of my hips
For the skin within my grips
For the nectar that he sips
Handsome he waits and teases
Succulently supine he pleases
A self made eruption
A self made implosion
A self made fist it seizes

Lavish and lovely and luscious and lusty...

1 comment:

  1. *fap fap fap,... LOL
    but seriously, this is good....

    ok... also... the Grammar Nazi in me is screaming....

    *implosion (unless you meant to make up a word, which is cool)

    Sorry... you know I love you.