Sunday, May 27, 2012

I also park in handicapped spaces!

Yeah, this really happened.  I still cannot believe it, and of course it happens to me in true sitcom style.

So, there I was at the bar with a big group of friends on the patio, sitting at a table, chatting, laughing, and drinking.  You know, the normal thing to do at a bar.  More friends come to join the group, so I sit at the neighboring table.  Two pretty girls walk up to my table and ask if I mined if they could sit there.  Being the gentleman that I am, I insisted that they do; always glad to meet new people.  They ask me if a waitress would come out and take their drink order and I tell them that it would probably be a lot quicker to just go inside and order them there.  They look at each other and debate if that would be the best course of action, and they agree.  The two girls get up, smile, and ask me to save their seats for them.  I grin and say, "Absolutely!" as they leave to acquire their beverages.

About five minutes later, three douchey guys stumble up the stairs, obviously blitzed, one of them on crutches.  Another one of them comes up to my table, grabs one of the girl's chair, and tries to take it for the hobbling crutches drunk.  I say "Oh, these chairs are all taken."  The guy looks at me, scowls, and says, "Oh?!  They're all taken, huh?!  That's real nice!  Take the chair from the gimp!" then slams the chair back.  I sit there stunned, stare, and just calmly say, "Oh my god!  Wow... sorry!"  He huffs, "Yeah, you're REAL sorry" as he and his Douche Dudes go to another very empty table with plenty of chairs for their drunk asses.

Five minutes later, the girls come back with drinks in hand and I tell them, "Gurl, you SO owe me!" and I tell them what had just happened.

This last part of the night is a little fuzzy, because I do not know the exact details or saw the entire event, but two of the Ed Hardy Bunch got into a big ol' fight and a drink was thrown at the head of the other.

Very exciting shit.  Just glad that wasn't MY head.  >_<

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