Tuesday, March 2, 2010

02-20-2010 aka A Day of Malls, Gum, and Bugs

So, I lied.  I'm back way sooner than I thought I'd be.  Don't worry, I'm fine.  Sometimes ya gotta hit rock bottom so you can have something to stand on as you pull yourself back up.  ^_^

A day out with the girls, April & Steph!  Full of shopping, big wads of gum, and edible bug treats!  ^_^  I know it's long, but it's hard to concentrate a whole day in ten minutes.  It's just a whirlwind trip out of the house with me and the girls.

Also, no, it is not in HD.  I decided to stick with standard definition after I almost blew-up my poor old PC trying to encode the other HD videos, but even then, this camera is still better than my last one.  :-P

Enjoy and comment!  ^_^

P.S. I LOVE this still frame of the video! ^_^

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