Friday, March 5, 2010

I guess… I guess it’s time to grow up…

 Ever since I turned the big three-oh back in January, I have noticed a LOT of major changes in myself:

1.      I no longer play or crave to play video games as much as I used to.
2.      I no longer prefer cold, dreary weather; I long for the sun.
3.      I have switched from white wines to the deep dry red ones.
4.      I no longer want to buy and collect toys.  Matter of fact I have quite a few looking for a good home.  I might sell them on eBay or if any of you want them, give me a shout.
5.      I bought a suit.  ME!  A SUIT!  And I must say, I look damn good!  ^_^  I wanna buy more awesome clothes, especially since I've dropped quite a bit of weight.
6.      I no longer want to wear my earrings or my Smith & Wesson handcuff key necklace.
7.      Gonna start working out and taking care of myself, again.
8.      Gonna actually TRY to start saving money instead of just saying that I am.
9.      I actually want to try to get a car, like, ASAP.

This was literally an overnight change.  I don’t know what has happened with the old Brad, the perpetual big kid, but I hope he’s doing well.  Right now I emerge as the new Brad, the responsible adult who wants more out of life.  This is kind of a disappointing change since I said that I’d never grow up.  I feel like I let old Brad down.  It’s also a terrifying experience since this new lifestyle and yearnings are completely foreign to me.  I seriously don’t know who I am right now… and that’s some scary shit.  O_O

I suddenly feel the urge to bust out in Bowie's "Changes". >_<

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