Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It’s a wonder Mrs. Garrett didn’t murder the girls!

Ugh!  I didn’t expect all of this crap when considering becoming a parent.  >_<  No, really... literal crap!  These girls poo constantly!  They eat, they poo.   They sleep, they poo.  They run on the little plastic wheel, they poo and the poo travels in circles with them!  UGH!  >_<

Plus they piss EVERYWHERE!  My GOD!  I have to clean the little plastic wheel and observation deck (now dubbed “poop deck”) everyday, sometimes twice a day!  I had no idea that something SO tiny could make such a big stench!  >_<  They are also on that fracking wheel all the damn time!  The clickity-clack of their little claws haunts my dreams at night!  Sometimes, they will even take a food pellet in there with them while running which is not unlike pennies in a dryer.  Why do they do it?!  I have no idea!  I think they hate me!  I’m gonna replace the solid plastic wheel with a classic metal mesh wheel and get rid of the poop deck.  Hopefully that’ll solve some problems.

I was thinking of getting a little black mouse to join them and calling her Tootie (no, that’s not racist, that’s just being historically accurate), but eff that idea in the bum!  Hell, I should’ve just gotten ONE mouse instead of two to ease myself into parenthood.  *sigh*  I dunno what I’m gonna do.  I though two tiny tiny mice would be easy.  Boy-how-dee was I wrong!  Anyone got any tips for a new dad?!

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